Red Wine Health Benefits How To Live Longer Healthier Lives

Red wine health benefits

Red wine health benefits are a complex mixture of bio active compounds, including flavonols, as well as phenolic acids and the stilbene polyphenol, resveratrol. Some of these compounds, particularly resveratrol, have been proven to have health benefits.

Extending the Life Span of Yeast

David Sinclair, a biochemist at Harvard who was studying the genetic components of aging. And he had shown that you could extend life span in yeast. That's pretty exciting.

The Sirtuin Gene

Yeasts are one thing, human beings are more complicated. So Sinclair focused on a gene present in almost all life forms: the sirtuin gene. It's normally inactive, but when it is active, Sinclair believes it triggers a survival mechanism that extends life.

How Resveratrol Holds the Keys to Longevity

Convinced that something in nature could activate that gene, Sinclair randomly tested thousands of compounds and got a hit:resveratrol in red wine.

"When I Googled this resveratrol, I was shocked to find that red wine was the top hit", Sinclair remembers.

red wine health benefits

How We Can Delay Aging

The important news here is that we found something in red wine. The important thing is that we passed a milestone where if we could make a natural supplement based on this knowledge and we can potentially slow down aging itself.

cholesterol and red wine

Resveratrol, a polyphenol found in red wine, is believed to play a major role in lowering cholesterol. A study done by Harvard researchers, and reported in a 2003 issue of Nature, found that resveratrol extended the lives of lab rats by 30 to 50 percent.

It's What is in the Skin of the Grapes

Resveratrol is found on grape skins, which are removed when fermenting white wines. Red wines may also lose the resveratrol in products that are filtered to remove other chemicals for better taste.

The Muscadine Grape has an Extra Chromosome

The Muscadine is a special grape that not only has resveratrol but because if the extreme weather conditions in the south eastern United States, it is especially high in resveratrol and is the only grape that has an extra chromosome twenty instead of nineteen like all other grapes, and is the only one that has an effect on the Advanced Glycation End product or AGE. It has an impact on all four key elements of the aging processes.


Advanced Glycation End Products

An easy way to explain the AGE products is when anyone who has basted a thanksgiving turkey and watched the skin turn brown and stiff is seeing AGEs in action.

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