Anti Aging Scientific Studies

Anti aging advice and Scientific studies have proven that many of the chronic diseases and leading causes of death can be prevented or at least controlled, through simple lifestyle changes.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Low in saturated fats and rich in fruits and vegetables to have a positive impact on health conditions commonly seen in advancing age. Fruits and vegetables can also alkalize your blood stream it's good to have 80% alkaline foods and 20% acid for better health.

Engage in Regular Exercise

Including endurance and weight-bearing exercises. Maintain a Healthy Weight to reduce the risk for the diseases of aging. Like diabetes and other related diseases.

Exercise and Aging

Researchers are studying exercise as a factor that may be a significant determinant of lifespan. Older persons who engaged in vigorous running and other aerobic activities had lower death rates and slower development of disability compared with those in a more sedentary control group.

What is Resveratrol?

Is a well-researched polyphenol that's been shown to positively impact multiple mechanisms of cellular aging, including DNA protection and repair, genetic regulators of cellular aging, and mitochondrial biogenesis that supports cellular function and longevity.

David Sinclair on Anti Aging

According to David Sinclair a leading scientist in the anti aging field and his test on mice which he says have the same DNA makeup as humans resveratrol supplements can. Increase longevity Increase mitochondria and exercise endurance Help you resist weight gain Protect the heart Improve insulin sensitivity Impede cancer cell growth