Trans Resveratrol Is The More Active Form Of Resveratrol

Supplement Use of Trans Resveratrol

Trans Resveratrol is an off-white powder found in two different forms. Trans resveratrol is the more active form, it is used for supplements because it is very stable if protected from light, oxygen, and a high-ph environment. If it is exposed to light, it will rapidly convert to the less stable form and lose much of its biological effect.

How to Much Resveratrol do You Need

Taking a resveratrol supplement form is the preferred way because to get any of the anti aging effects you would have to drink more than 100 glasses of red wine a day.

Finding a Good Form of Resveratrol

But to find a good form of resveratrol is not easy with all the supplement company's on the market looking to make a quick buck, and going to the big warehouse stores is almost a guaranteed waste of money.

Most Supplements are Ineffective

They don't have the time or money to do the research on how to prepare a product like resveratrol and be able to keep all the xeno factors in the supplement in a bioavaibilty form so your body can absorb it.

Anti Aging in Animals

Resveratrol (trans resveratrol) is a phytoalexin produced naturally by several different plants when under attack by pathogens several experiments suggest that is triggers mechanisms that counteract aging-related effects in animals.

Information on Cox-1 and Cox-2 Enzymes

Several research studies have shown that trans resveratrol significantly modulates bio markers of bone metabolism, inhibits pro-inflammatory enzymes such as COX-1 and COX-2, and exhibits chemopreventive agents, anticarcinogenic properties, cardioprotective effects, and neuroprotective properties.

These are just some of the benefits of Resveratrol supplementation

  • Supports heart health and cardiovascular function.
  • Supports brain health.
  • Supports immune function.
  • Supports joint health.
  • Promotes cellular longevity.
  • Promotes good health & well-being.
  • Delivers antioxidant support.
  • Helps increase cellular energy.

Cellular Energy

The key to cellular energy lies within the mitochondria and has been determined to be the foundation of living longer. Trans Resveratrol has shown the ability to increase the number of mitochondria thereby increasing your total daily energy.

Mitochondrial Function

Studies have shown that trans resveratrol promotes an increase in mitochondrial function, which translates into an increase in energy expenditure, improved aerobic capacity, and enhanced sensorimotor function.

How We Age at the Cellular Level

Even at age 20, we're already aging at the cellular level.

A lifetime of cellular damage eventually contributes to age related cellular deterioration.

There are 4 key mechanisms of cellular aging....

1. DNA Damage and Repair

Every cell in your body is bombarded daily by up to a million DNA damaging assaults that can damage the cell's genetic database, creating a "typo" that may compromise cell function and longevity.

2. Genetic Regulators of Aging

Genetic regulators contribute to age-related cellular deterioration by controlling the dynamic balance between damage and repair, including whether a cell will live or die.

3. Declining Cellular Energy Production

Mitochondria in our cells create energy we can't live without. As mitochondrial efficiency decreases, cell function declines.

4. Accumulation of Age Proteins

Excess accumulation of Advanced Glycation End products (AGE) can cause cellular damage that can compromise cell integrity and longevity.

Why Muscadine Grapes

The resveratrol in grape skins effects three areas of the aging process but only one the Muscadine grape effects the Advanced Gylcation End products, ellagic acid is what is taken from these grapes that makes it so effective at neutralizing the AGE products.

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