What Are Polyphenols

what are polyphenols

Doesn't everyone dream of feeling younger and living longer?

What are Polyphenols

What are Polyphenols they are the most abundant antioxidants in our diet, and they promote good health through a variety of gene activating mechanisms. They give the red in red wine, the dark brown to chocolate and the green in green tea. Grapes, apples, onions, soy peanuts, berries and many other vegetables and fruits are loaded with polyphenols.

Drink Green Tea

And tea polyphenols are in a class all by themselves as far as health benefits, it is the reason for the Asian paradox like the french paradox the Asian people smoke more than one pack of cigarettes a day and they don't get throat cancer like we do in the U.S.

Protection Against Disease

The main point is these small-molecule polyphenolic substances are found naturally in plants and are very effective at protecting plants and animals against many health problems and the effects of aging.

Protective Polyphenols

Plants that are stressed by ultraviolet radiation, drought, infection, bacteria, fungus, produce even more of these protective polyphenols.

Resveratrol the Anti Cancer Factor

Resveratrol, is a highly active polyphenol found in high concentrations in the skin of stressed red grapes mainly Muscadine grapes, is playing a major role in the anti aging revolution, and in test has shown to be an anti cancer factor.

Which Supplements are the Best Quality

Anti aging supplements are flooding the market and it takes some researching to find the ones that are the best quality, because resveratrol is easily damaged by light and oxygen it takes extreme measures not to ruin the polyphenols in the product.


Muscadine Grape is a Super Grape

You also need a product that is more potent than the average grape, the Muscadine grape has more resveratrol than any other grape plus if you use a polyphenol blend you come up with a product that is 10x more potent than resveratrol alone.
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LIVE TO 150: CAN YOU DO IT? - Barbara Walters, April 2008


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