Alfalfa Facts and Resveratrol

Some of alfalfa facts are it is neither a vitamin or mineral, but is one of the richest sources of many vitamins and minerals. The word Alfalfa comes from the Arabic word that means "King of the Plants."

Benefits of Alfalfa

Alfalfa facts are that it is one of the most nutritionally complete and potent of all the foods found in nature.

Alfalfa benefits are it supplies 15 minerals, 10 vitamins, fiber, and protein. There are also eight essential enzymes and enzymes help us digest fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. It is also a rich source of chlorophyll, and chlorophyll is one of nature's best detoxifiers and deodorizers.

It is used in the Bible when Daniel refused to eat the Kings food of wine and meat, it says he ate pulse instead and pulse is alfalfa.

Alfalfa is also a very good source of complete protein meaning it has all the amino acids in it to make it a complete protein.

Alfalfa's Secret

Alfalfa has a very long root system and is one of the secrets to it's tremendous health benefits. The roots reach down over 25 feet and makes it able to tap natures nutrients unavailable other plants.

Alfalfa is so rich and potent and is a high source of major and trace nutrients that is why it is called "natures food supplement."It is mostly in the alfalfa leaf where most of the nutrients are found.

Alfalfa Supplements

Some of the benefits of alfalfa. The plant has been used for many health conditions such as exhaustion, irregularity, fluid retention, digestive problems reduced appetite, asthma, and peptic ulcers. It even has been used for years as a treatment for arthritis. When alfalfa supplements are used on a daily basis it can help with some arthritis symptoms.

Alfalfa Plant

Alfalfa facts are basically that it is a extremely rich source of micro nutrients which are very beneficial nutritionally for optimal health. When we get an good amount of these nutrients it can help you to feel better, and help our systems work better and make our bodies run smoother, just as a well-lubricated engine runs smoother. So basically the alfalfa plant is one we should include in our diet as one of nature health giants. And the best way to get Alfalfa benefits are with Alfalfa Supplements.
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Resveratrol and the Muscadine Grape

Resveratrol found in grape skins and seeds are also one of natures food giants, when it comes to aging and protecting the cells of our bodies there is nothing better than resveratrol. And the resveratrol found in Muscadine grapes is the most potent form of resveratrol.

The Four Key Mechanisms of Cellular Aging

  • DNA Damage
  • Every day, every cell in your body is bombarded by up to a million DNA-damaging assaults. These assaults can damage the cell’s genetic database, creating a “typo” that may compromise cell function and longevity.

  • Genetic Regulators
  • Genetic regulators contribute to age-related cellular deterioration by controlling the dynamic balance between damage and repair, including whether a cell will live or not.

  • Declining Cellular Energy Production
  • Mitochondria in our cells create energy we can’t live without. As mitochondrial efficiency decreases, cell function declines.

  • Accumulation of AGE Proteins
  • Excess accumulation of Advanced Glycation End products (AGE) can cause cellular damage that can compromise cell integrity and longevity.

Resveratrol and the Polyphenol Blend

Resveratrol supplements that use the Muscadine grape and a patent pending polyphenol blend makes this formula 10X more powerful than resveratrol alone, and this polyphenol blend made with the Muscadine grape is the only resveratrol supplement in the world that has an effect on the fourth mechanism of aging.

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