Anti Aging Secrets and Resveratrol

Get More Antioxidants as You Age

Anti aging secrets, as people get older they need more vitamins and minerals that when they were young. Vitamin D is an essential to the prevention of osteoporosis. You need 20 minutes a day of sunlight, for your body to produce vitamin D, even in areas that have a lot of sun it is still is hard to get the right amount of Vitamin D we need. At 20 years old people need about 200 IUs of vitamin D per day, as we get older 400 to 600 IUs per day is needed, and this is the amount needed to help slow aging.

Get More Omega-3s

The fat in fish is the good fat you want more of called omega-3 fatty acids, lower heart-disease risk by helping our platelets not be as sticky to each other and help the platelets become stronger and omega-3s also acts like Teflon in our blood stream to increase blood flow and stimulates the immune system and even reduce the incidence of depression.

How Resveratrol Can Help

Staying young is not just genetics, exercise eating right getting the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and even Resveratrol found in grape skins is revolutionizing the way we age. It's are cells that are aging, environment pollution, drugs and chemicals in our food are speeding up the aging process. Natural compounds like what are found in grape skins, Japanese Knotwood, peanuts (Resveratrol) has been proven to slow down aging at the cellular level. Click here to check out the Resveratrol supplement I recommend.

Load Up On Antioxidants

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants they keep us young by protecting our cells the same way you would put lemon juice on an apple slice to stop it from browning, but Resveratrol actually slows the aging process in our cells.

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