Arthritis in Fingers and Resveratrol

arthritis in fingers

Arthritis in fingers is the most common type of arthritis, and if you think about how many bones and joints there are in the fingers, it's no wonder how badly arthritis can effect the fingers.

Arthritis Can Disable Us

Arthritis in fingers can cause much discomfort, everything from pain and swelling to deformity, and can even makes us disabled and not able to do our jobs, because we use our hands in almost every job we do and simple activities we take for granted. The pain can prove unbearable at times, and the stiffness can lead to a loss of movement, which is why finding a natural cure is so important. Because you don't want to be on pain relieving drugs the rest of your life.
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Is There a Natural Cure?

To temporarily relieve pain and swelling heat and ice are effective, but if you use natural anti-inflammatory supplements you will relieve pain and also help to heal this disease.

What Causes Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition where our joints just wear out and sometimes can be because we are not giving our bodies the compounds it needs to regenerate the joint, natural supplements that have glucosamine and cats claw a natural anti-inflammatory can rebuild the cartilage, if you start before the disease progresses to far, prevention is always better than trying to cure a disease after it has taken over.

How Many Have Arthritis in America

There are an estimated 10 million Americans that are diagnosed with this disease, and another 18 million that have the beginnings of arthritis.

Arthritis is Just a Warning Sign

Arthritis, diabetes, cancer, stroke and other diseases our just our bodies way of warning us something is wrong to just ignore or try to cover up the signals our body gives us is asking for more problems, a natural cure for arthritis and solving the problem of this disease is a much better way to get our health back, drugs and surgery are not the answer if you want a real answer to your bodies call for more nutrients. Just like a warning light in your car find out what is wrong with your body and then you can start having optimal health.

Live to 100 and Longer

Most of the diseases like arthritis are old age disease but we don't have to just give in and let disease take over just because of our age you can stay vibrant and healthy even to 100 years old and longer.

Resveratrol and Arthritis

arthritis in fingers

Resveratrol is an anti aging compound found in grapes, nuts and other plants when under stress from the environment, and used in sufficient quantities can slow the aging process and even reverse it, it is one of the most studied polyphenols right now with over 5000 scientific papers written about it and it's ability to slow and even delay the aging process.

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