Calorie Restriction and Longevity How Resveratrol Mimics This

What is a Calorie Restriction and Longevity Diet

Calorie restriction and longevity is a strategy to increase life expectancy by reducing the total amount of calories consumed daily. Calorie restriction research has been around since the 1930s and recent studies have shown longevity benefits to rats and other animals from a low calorie diet. Calorie restriction is thought to prevent or improve numerous health conditions, especially ones related to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Resveratrol and Longevity

People who have gone on a calorie restricted diet to lengthen their life say it's not worth the extra years. That's why studies on resveratrol have been so promising, resveratrol mimics the caloric restricted diet and turns on the SIRT1 and SIRT2 and 3 longevity genes, so that with resveratrol people have the same health benefits they would with a restricted diet.

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How Much Longer Do Animals Live on a Restricted Diet

Experiments with mice have proven to extend their life span almost by twice the normal life span. David Sinclair in his mouse lab has proven this with the mice experiments that he conducted back in 2006.

Does the Caloric Restricted Diet Extend Life

The maximum lifespan of rats has been nearly doubled in some experiments by placing the rats on a nutritious, low calorie diet. Other animals have also been used to prove the benefits of calorie restriction including monkeys, mice, and spiders. Not only do the animals on calorie restriction live longer, they remain more youthful, energetic and healthy. In humans, calorie restriction has been shown to lower blood pressure.

Monkey on the left is on a calorie restricted diet monkey on right ate whatever he wanted.

Resveratrol and Longevity

The goal is to make drugs or nutritional supplements that can fool the body into thinking it's living on a radically calorie-reduced diet, in effect allowing people to eat their cake and live longer too.

Should You Supplement

It is well known a Body Mass Index around 21, reduces the incidence of diseases such as cancer , heart disease, and diabetes. Many people have already adopted a calorie restricted diet to stay healthy and hoping to prolong their lives. But few know the benefits of resveratrol to mimic the caloric restriction and longevity and how it is the key to living longer healthier lives even into our nineties.

Benefits of Resveratrol

The good news is resveratrol in a supplement form can help to lengthen our lives help us to feel better increase energy help with insulin absorption good for heart health blood vessel elasticity and help improve quality of life, without a calorie restricted diet.

So calorie restriction and longevity doesn't mean that you live on a diet that makes you miserable you can supplement with resveratrol and have the same effect as the CR diet.

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