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shaklee cinch plan

On most diets when you go on a low calorie diet you lose muscle and fat, there is a built mechanism called the famine response.A restricted diet can make you feel hungry cranky, tired and craving food so what happens next you fail.

shaklee cinch plan

The Yo-Yo Diet

And when you gain back the weight you have more fat and less muscle and your metabolism slows down, this is called the yo-yo diet. You are destined to fail.

Lecuine Builds Muscle

The power behind Cinch is the amino acid Leucine, Leucine heads straight to your muscles where it can cause protein syntheses used for muscle building that's why some athletes use it.


When your muscle goes so does your ability to burn calories, when you go back to eating normally you gain back more fat. Leucine helps you build muscle and lose fat.

Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

Cinch weight loss plan is more of a inch loss plan, because muscle weighs more than fat, when you lose fat and keep muscle you don't lose as much weight as you do inches. So you might not lose as much weight as on normal diets but you will lose inches.

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