Early Symptoms of Diabetes

Some of the early symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination, blurry vision, fatigue, extreme hunger, excessive thirst, unusual weight loss without even trying to lose weight. This disease is one of the fastest growing diseases in America it is slowing becoming number four on the top reasons people die today, number one is heart attack, then cancer and stroke. Obesity is one of the main reasons for diabetes then the lack of exercise is the other. And some people don't even know they have this disease.

Is Diabetes Preventable?

Certain groups of people are more prone to diabetes either genetics or diet have something to do with this, but this disease like other diseases are very preventable, diet, exercise, taking good vitamin supplements and now newly discovered Resveratrol supplements

resveratrol and anti aging

can help with diabetes and many other diseases, with diabetes Joseph Maroon M.D. and Joseph Baur, Ph.D. are saying in The book The Longevity Factor, Resveratrol can help with the sugar being absorbed in our cells and can help lower high blood sugar.

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Is Diabetes an Old Age Diaease?

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes is showing up in people at a much younger age, this disease we thought was an old age disease is now effecting younger and younger people all the time, and the old age diseases we thought were common can be prevented even in our golden years. Jack Lalanne and his wife are a good example they have never had a major disease in their lifetime.

Resveratrol and Diabetes

Although having diabetes used to be a death sentence with the discovery of insulin and finding out what causes diabetes and finding out what the early symptoms of diabetes are, can help you live a very normal life.

We Can Prevent Diabetes and Many Other Diseases

early symptoms of diabetes

Exercise, good vitamin supplements, eating more vegetables and fruit in moderation, can help with diabetes symptoms, And Resveratrol shows promise with all of the diseases we take for granted as we age, it can slow the aging process and help with diabetes, cancer, stroke and heart disease.

Don't Ignore Diabetes Symptoms

People will often begin to have early symptoms of diabetes that are so minor that they ignore them. As these symptoms get worse, they become impossible to ignore. Unfortunately, by this time, damage has already been done. Prevention is the key, taking care of yourself before the disease has time to grow is the best medicine.

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