Exercise and Diabetes

Exercise will lower your excess blood sugar levels, so exercise and diabetes should go hand in hand. And it also improves circulation, and this is good because diabetics usually have poor circulation, especially in there feet. Exercise can improve your overall health also, and by releasing endorphins, can make you feel better mentally.

How Does Exercise Affect Blood Sugar Levels?

Normally, insulin is released from the pancreas when the amount of sugar (glucose) in the blood increases, such as after eating. Insulin stimulates the liver and muscles to take in excess glucose. This results in a lowering of the blood sugar level.

Follow Your Doctor's Advice

If you exercise it's good if you are careful. If you feel shaky or nervous, or begin to sweat profusely. You should stop and follow your doctor's advice, about your diabetes.

Wear Proper Shoes

People with diabetes usually have problems with the circulation in there feet and legs, and this causes nerve pain. Which is called diabetic neuropathy. It's good to wear shoes that fit well and are comfortable when you are exercising. People with this disease should not give up on living a normal life because with exercise and diabetes and supplements and diabetes, you can start to have a better healthier life.

Check List For Exercise and Diabetes

  • Check your blood sugar with a glucose monitor before exercising.
  • Always warm up before exercising.
  • Have a good protein drink just before exercising.
  • Soybean protein helps control blood sugar.
  • Stop exercising if you feel faint or dizzy.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Keep a sugar snack ready in case your blood sugar level drops to low.

What Kind of Exercise is Best For Diabetics?

Walking is good or any exercise that raises your heart rate above 120 to 130 for at least 20 minutes, strength training is good if you don't over do it.

Resveratrol and Diabetic Pain Relief!

One of the most dreaded complications of diabetes is diabetic neuropathy, in which the blood vessels that supple blood to the nerves can become blocked, thereby causing strokes to these nerves.

What happens then is constant, intense, burning pain, usually in the legs but also in the arms. No drugs are known to relieve it. In 2006 investigators at Panjab University in India evaluated the ability of resveratrol to reduce diabetic neuropathic pain.

Looking at various inflammatory markers associated with this pain, they discovered that daily oral intake of resveratrol at 5, 10 and 20 milligrams per kilogram of body weight significantly reduced pain sensitivity in treated animals with induced nerve damage.

For an average male weighing 160 pounds, that would be about 350 to 1,400 mg a day, of resveratrol.

Resveratrol and Diabetes

In 2005 scientist Edward Park, working at Brock University in Canada, discovered that resveratrol appears to counter the effects of elevated free fatty acids, allowing normal insulin uptake in muscle cells.

Danna Breen from the same university reported on the amazing action of resveratrol.

She found that this polyphenol could increase glucose absorption in a manner different from insulin and was no dependent on the action of enzymes typically needed to allow glucose to enter the cell. In January 2006 Hui-Chen Su and his associates in Taiwan evaluated the effect of resveratrol in diabetic rats.

They confirmed the findings of previous investigators, and showed that resveratrol stimulated the uptake of glucose by liver, fat, and muscle cells. Again resveratrol appeared to act through mechanism different form that of insulin.

These observations on resveratrol and the mechanisms of glucose, insulin, and fat metabolism which are supported by these investigations show that resveratrol is a natural cure for some early symptoms of diabetes.

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Exercising and using supplements can help with getting back to normal once you are diagnosed with diabetes, and exercise and diabetes, supplements and diabetes, eating right can help you live a normal life. Cinnamon can lower your blood sugar by just smelling it and if you ingest it can help to quickly lower blood pressure.

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