Exercise and Longevity and Resveratrol

The Secret to a Longer Life

Exercise and Longevity, one of the secrets to a longer healthier life is exercise. The only drawback is exercise creates free radicals and to much exercise can create an acid condition in the body, so 30 minutes three times a week is a good starting point. Without exercise you can increase the risk of a wide assortment of chronic illnesses. Anti aging health.

List of Preventable Diseases

Below is a list of some of the conditions that exercise can help. Exercise is one of the most important things you can do. Without exercise, you increase your risk of a wide assortment of chronic illnesses.

  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Heart Attack
  • Diabetes
  • Hip Fracture
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity

How Exercise Can Add Years to Your Life

Researchers found that the average 63-year-old can add and additional 12 years of healthy life, meaning he will live disability free until age 78 Highly active 65-years-olds, however, have an additional 5.7 years of healthy life expectancy they can remain healthy until age 85.

This is just average if you add vitamin and mineral supplements and Resveratrol supplements you can actually slow the aging process even longer to age 100 and beyond.

resveratrol and anti aging

Resveratrol Protects DNA

Exercise and longevity, can help every function of your body, Resveratrol can effect the DNA in your cells.


exercise and longevity

  • DNA Damage
  • Every day, every cell in your body is bombarded by up to a million DNA-damaging assaults. These assaults can damage the cell’s genetic database, creating a “typo” that may compromise cell function and longevity.

  • Genetic Regulators
  • Genetic regulators contribute to age-related cellular deterioration by controlling the dynamic balance between damage and repair, including whether a cell will live or not.

  • Declining Cellular Energy Production
  • Mitochondria in our cells create energy we can’t live without. As mitochondrial efficiency decreases, cell function declines.

  • Accumulation of AGE Proteins
  • Excess accumulation of Advanced Glycation End products (AGE) can cause cellular damage that can compromise cell integrity and longevity.

Resveratrol and Exercise is the Key to Longevity

Resveratrol positively effects the first three causes of aging, scientist at a well known Nutrition company have come up with a polyphenol blend of Muscadine grapes and a purple carrot extract that positively effects the forth mechanism of aging Advanced Glycation End Products or AGE proteins.

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