Facts About Heart Disease and Resveratrol

Heart Disease is the number one killer in the United States!

Listed Below are Some Facts on Heart Disease

Facts About Heart Disease

  • 50 million people suffer from high blood pressure
  • 12 million people suffer from coronary heart disease
  • Heart attack happens over 1.5 million people every year
  • Over 500,000 die each year from heart attack
  • 6.2 million have angina pectoris (chest pain because of blood vessels blockage)
  • Every 29 seconds, a person suffers from a kind of coronary occurrence
  • 50 percent of heart attack victims wait for two hours before requesting help.

Can Heart Disease Be Prevented

Some of the facts about heart disease are basically our diet and lack of exercise. The thickening of the coronary artery walls due to high cholesterol is the main cause for heart disease. Inside your body the arteries are narrowing and hence limit the amount of blood that is necessary to supply oxygen to the heart. Sometimes the case is very severe where the arteries are completely blocked. When this happens in the brain it is called a stroke.

Are There Any Symptoms

Cardiovascular disease can be silent, but usually has symptoms. Lack of blood flow to the heart muscle can cause symptoms of chest discomfort or pain, shortness of breath, fatigue and sometimes palpitations and dizziness.

Is There Any Thing That Can Help

Resveratrol in Red Wine can help with high cholesterol and help prevent heart attack, stroke and even after an attack can help with recovery.

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How Resveratrol Can Help

In his book The Longevity Factor Joseph Maroon, MD wrote Resveratrol enhances the production of nitric oxide, allowing arteries to dilate in times of need. He also writes prevention is still the key to survival. The United States performs three times as many invasive heart procedures per one hundred thousand people as France, Japan, and Great Britain yet still has the highest death rate from heart disease. Contrary to popular belief, although these heart surgeries may decrease symptoms, they don't decrease heart attacks or extend life for most patients.

How Much Resveratrol Do I Need to Take To Help

Unfortunately the amount in red wine is probably not enough to help after a heart attack, the amount you need is about 100 glasses of red wine per day.Fortunately there is a supplement that has shown great promise to not only help before an attack but even after.

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