Facts On Vitamin C and Anti Aging

facts on vitamin c

Facts on vitamin C, All the wonderful, life-enhancing properties of vitamin C are too numerous to mention here, but a very important study I would like to share. Is a study that was in the American Journal of Public Heath in an article entitled "Nutritional Status of the Aging."

Facts On Vitamin C and Living Longer

The researchers interviewed over 500 people who were 50 years or older. They found out what there food intake was and also over 25 other facts that could their health. After seven years of research they examined the records of the people who had died.

They compared these records with the other health factors that they found seven years earlier.
Of the over than 25 factors the researchers had considered, vitamin C intake was found the importance of vitamin C to be the most important single factor in decreasing the death rate. In positive terms, vitamin C was an anti aging factor. What about any side effects with vitamin C, this is very rare because vitamin C is water soluble and is not stored in the body. Vitamin C and cholesterol, vitamin C like many other natural compounds can help lower cholesterol.

Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms

The famous classic symptom of vitamin C deficiency is scurvy, a disease that causes your gums to swell, your teeth will fall out, cuts not healing, and ultimately, if not treated, death. Not very many people in this modern age get scurvy. In takes a long term vitamin C deficiency to reach that point. But a small deficiency of vitamin C is not uncommon.

Vitamin C and Scurvy

A very small level of vitamin C just means that the level of vitamin C in your tissues is low, but not low enough to cause disease.

A small vitamin C deficiency can remain unnoticed, somewhat sapping your energy, your health, and your resistance to illness and fatigue.

A good multi-vitamin will give you about 60 milligrams of vitamin C. What this means is the RDA for vitamin C is enough to protect you from scurvy. But many people don't want just enough vitamin C to keep from getting very sick, they want enough to have vibrant health. For optimal wellness, extra vitamin C is needed.

Vitamin C Benefits

Facts on Vitamin C are it is extremely important to our health because it is a part of so any areas of our bodies health. Vitamin C is needed for building and repairing our bones, teeth, gums, and connective tissues. It also makes collagen, a compound that holds together and gives structure to our muscles, tissues, bones and cartilage. Vitamin C helps us keep our blood vessels clear and healthy, and is very important for healing.
Vitamin C and cancer.

Vitamin C and the Common Cold

Every one has heard about vitamin C and the common cold. Large doses of vitamin C may not prevent the common cold. But most researchers agree, that optimal levels of vitamin C can reduce the time you have a cold and can also reduce the unpleasant symptoms of a cold. I know for myself as soon as I get a symptom of any sickness like a cold I load up on vitamin C and other supplements that are know to reduce the symptoms or even get rid of the symptoms altogether.

The facts on Vitamin C is it is an antioxidant like vitamin E and antioxidants help to protect the cells the way putting lemon juice on an apple slice prevents browning. Vitamin C for Skin to prevent aging.

Vitamin C foods.

Resveratrol and Vitamin C

facts on vitamin c

Resveratrol like vitamin C is an anti aging compound found mostly in grapes, it is a polyphenol that has great health benefits, and when it comes to slowing the aging process at the cellular level many anti aging doctors and myself included say there is nothing better than the benefits of resveratrol to slow the aging process.

There are four key mechanisms of aging and resveratrol helps with the first three but resveratrol supplements made with the Muscadine grape and a unique polyphenol blend makes it 10X more effective than resveratrol alone and this unique blend is the only one that has an effect on the fourth mechanism of aging, The Advanced Glycation End Products or AGE proteins for short.

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