The French Paradox and Resveratrol

The French paradox for over 20 years Scientist have been baffled by the French diet witch is loaded with butter fat, pastry, cheese, and twice the pork that Americans eat but there heart attack rate is much lower than Americans.

David Sinclair and Harvard Medical School Studies

The French eat rich foods such as cream, butter, pastry and rich cheeses, but they also consume red wine with every meal. Studies at Harvard Medical school with David Sinclair and other anti aging doctors have shown that polyphenol compound in red wine called resveratrol reverses the coronary and obesity effects of a diet high in fat and calories in mice.

Mice on Resveratrol

Click on Picture Of Mice to Watch Video The French Paradox

When resveratrol was given to lab mice, even older overweight mice ran twice as far on a treadmill than younger mice and also had a reduced heart rate. The mice also lived longer than mice who had not received the resveratrol. Video of mice on treadmill with David Sinclair

Resveratrol Supplements

According to David Sinclair a leading scientist in the anti aging field and his test on mice which he says have the same DNA makeup as humans resveratrol supplements can.

  • Increase longevity
  • Increase mitochondria and exercise endurance
  • Help you resist weight gain
  • Protect the heart
  • Improve insulin sensitivity
  • Impede cancer cell growth

100 Glasses of Red Wine Per Day

Red wine and resveratrol

The findings led to a marked increase in red wine sales in the United States despite the fact that the amount of resveratrol given to the mice would be the human equivalent to drinking hundreds of glasses of wine a day.

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