Resveratrol, Garlic and Candida

garlic and candida

Garlic and candida research has concluded that garlic is as effective as the candida drugs on the market, University studies have proven this to be true in their scientific studies. All over the world other scientist have isolated the compound in garlic that killed candida and found it to be allicin. What is Candida

Garlic is Number One

The vast amount of research on garlic has concluded that it is now the number one, natural treatment for candida.

If you have a serious case or resistant case of candida, then work with your doctor first to clear up a stubborn case of candida but then get on garlic supplements once the disease is cleared up it would be foolish to ever stop taking garlic supplements.

Like I have stated in this web site about health and preventing disease it is always easier to prevent disease than to cure it.

Garlic's Many Health Benefits

Garlic is also very effective against all viral infections. Garlic and cancer prevention and garlic's use in lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure are just a few of garlic's health benefits.

There are also claims that garlic helps colds and flu, and in Russia they call it Russian penicillin.

Bacteria never becomes resistant to garlic, unlike drugs, bacteria can develop an immunity to the chemicals and over time antibiotics loose there effectiveness plus there are always horrible side effects with drugs.

Resveratrol and Garlic

Natural compounds like Resveratrol and Garlic all play a part in anti aging and prevention of disease, we don't have to give in to aging and the diseases that we take for granted, with exercise supplements and proper diet we can extend the healthy years, when we reach 90 and above instead of dying of cancer, heart disease, stroke and many other diseases we can die of old age the way nature intended.

Garlic is Anti-Fungal

garlic and candida

Garlic's effectiveness is it's anti-fungal and antibacterial compounds of garlic that help keep candida at bay.

Yeast and garlic like other bacterias in your body simply can't coexist, so regular garlic intake is a highly effective method for killing candida bacteria.

Garlic is also known good for improving circulation, lowering cholesterol, cancer prevention, lowers high blood pressure and immune system function, which can further help your body fight off candida naturally.

Resveratrol Garlic and Anti Aging

Resveratrol like garlic is a powerful foe in the fight against cell deterioration and aging all antioxidants help prevent premature aging but resveratrol actually turns on the longevity genes inside your cells to slow the aging process.

So garlic and candida is a natural way to fight this infectious disease and like all natural there are no side effects and no disease resistant bacteria to worry about.

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