Garlic Supplements and Resveratrol

Choosing Garlic Supplements

Choosing Garlic Supplements

There are a number of different forms of supplements on the market today, and some forms are more beneficial than others. The key is in the processing.

Remember the undisturbed garlic bulb has very effective, garlic health benefits. Like garlic and cholesterol and how it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure naturally, (without drugs) However, as soon as it is cut, chopped or steamed, the breakdown process begins. Don't forget alliin and the enzyme allinase are kept apart in the garlic bulb.

Once the garlic bulb is disturbed, the two come together. The alliin begins to be converted into allicin. It then goes to ajoene and other active sulfur compounds.

After that it transforms into over 100 strong smelling sulfur compounds called sulfides. In time the degradation proceeds into sulfur compounds that still have the strong garlic odor, but have lost the health enhancing properties of the real thing.

Methods of Preparation

Let's examine some of the methods of preparation of garlic supplements and see if we can come to some logical conclusions.

Choosing the proper garlic supplement is key to having all of the active components present. Some of the supplements shortchange you of the full complement of health promoting compounds.

garlic supplements

Raw Garlic

Obviously raw, fresh garlic is the easiest and cheapest way to consume this amazing product.

Unfortunately, for many this may not be the best way to obtain garlic's benefits.

Some people just do not like the strong taste. For others fresh garlic can cause an uncomfortable but temporary sensation of nausea.

For still other people the odor of garlic on the breath can be quite disturbing…leading possibly to the loss of relatives, and others dear to you!

A few people are sensitive to raw garlic and have been known to develop a skin rash when handling the cloves.

Raw Garlic in Not Really Fresh

Further, raw garlic is not really fresh.

The garlic you buy in the stores during March or April is from crops harvested between July and November.

Stored garlic does not have the same chemical values as freshly harvested garlic.

Garlilc Potency

To assure consistent potency and a measured delivery of the beneficial materials, garlic should be consumed in garlic supplements form. This gives you assurance that you are getting all the active compounds you need to promote and protect your health.

Now let's examine some of the Processing Methods on the market and their effect on the final product. This way we can eliminate various processes and arrive at a quality garlic supplement.

Garlic Oil Capsules

garlic supplements

These oils are prepared from freshly crushed garlic by running steam through the garlic mush.

This converts all the allicin to the oily sulfides. This oil is then condensed diluted with vegetable oil and put into gelatin capsules.

The oils have cardiovascular effects, but have none of the anti-infective effects of garlic because the allicin has degraded into the various oils.

These products have and extremely strong smell. This is often covered by additives in the formula or by a so-called enteric doting on the capsule itself.

The coating will delay the disintegration of the capsule until it has passed the stomach and is in the small intestine. This does restrict the smell, but possibly decreases absorption.

Another problem with this type of capsule is that the recommended doses are often ineffective. A minimum daily dose of one or two cloves is equal to about 6 milligrams of garlic oil.

These garlic capsules often contain only 0.6 milligrams of the oil. That means you would have to take ten a day to get the minimal amount.

If you buy this product, be sure the label states how many milligrams of garlic oil are present. Most give the total weight of the whole capsule in milligrams.

This is a measure of everything the capsule contains, the garlic oil, the vegetable oils, preservatives, anti-oxidants, etc…… these are totally irrelevant.

We want to know the amount of garlic oil present.

Crushed Garlic

garlic supplements

The garlic is crushed and the allicin is formed. After that the garlic is dried by heat. The rest of the allicin is then stabilized. This type of preparation has and odor and may cause aftertaste. Often the company tries to control the odor adding citrus oils or one of enteric coatings.

Sometimes lactose or other milk products listed as part of the coating. Be sure you read the label carefully, especially if you have an allergy to lactose or other milk products

Conventional High-Heat

The garlic powder is dried for 24 to 30 hours under an intense heat. Over 35 percent of the allicin is destroyed. The odor is still strong in spite of the loss of allicin. The anti-infective properties of this product are, of course, much reduced.

Freeze-Dried Powder

garlic supplements

Once again the intense heat is applied. In this case it is used for only a short time. The allicin content is reduced. The compound still has a strong odor and additives are required to mask it.

Also, many times an enteric coat is included on the product for odor control. This garlic supplement will have more anti-infective action than the conventional high-heat powder, but is an expensive product, and you can get a better supplement at a lesser price.

Aged Odorless Extracts

These products are popular because of the cost and the fact they were odor free.

These extracts are made by chopping garlic and aging it in alcohol for long periods of time before extracting the contents.

Such a preparation does not appear to contain some of garlic's main ingredients in such as allicin or early formed sulfites.

Also, it does not create them when the product undergoes disintegration.

This, of course, raises some real concerns about the medical activity. These odorless preparations have been found to be ineffective in many cases. The products may have some nutritional value, but have little or no medicinal value.

Cool-Dried Garlic

garlic supplements

A quick, cool-dry proceeds is used to produce this product. The garlic is exposed to cool air for about 30 minutes.

This results in a dry powder with all the original alliin(the pre-allicin material) of the clove of the fresh garlic.

The allicin is converted when the product is dissolved or dissolved or digested.

This is good news indeed! Since the allicin is created during digestion, there is no after-odor and therefore no enteric coating of the preparation is needed.

This avoids a number of production problems which can alter the contents or absorption of the final product.

A product prepared this way is mild to the stomach, and the potency very closely resembles the raw, fresh garlic.

The final product contains 100 percent of the potential allicin, vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients. This form is the best choice.

It maintains all of the garlic supplements ingredients as close to the original fresh clove as possible and has none to the disagreeable side effects such as bad breath.

How to Choose the Best

Look for pure, natural, and pesticide-free garlic product. It should be odor-controlled. The best process for the odor control is the cool-dry process. This will preserve as much of the active ingredients as possible.

Also make sure the company you are buying from does testing for lead, heavy metals, pesticides and quality control. Click here to check out the best quality Garlic supplements.

Garlic and Resveratrol

Garlic also has anti aging properties like the benefits of resveratrol it protects platelets from sticking together and protecting our cardiovascular system and resveratrol supplements like garlic supplements are an easy way to get better health.

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