High Blood Pressure Diet and Resveratrol

high blood pressure diet

A high blood pressure diet is mostly comprised of natural foods that can quickly lower blood pressure, all processed foods (mostly foods in a box) are off limits for someone trying to lower high blood pressure, because they are loaded with sodium.

The poplar cheese macaroni dinner in a box has enough sodium for three meals, for a high blood pressure diet which is low in sodium each individual serving it should have less than 70 mgs of sodium and for a complete meal less than 200 is good.

Processed Foods and High Blood Pressure

All processed foods affect blood pressure. Studies show a high-sodium diet increases blood pressure people with high blood pressure.

In fact, some studies show that the less sodium you eat, the better blood pressure control you might have even if you're taking blood pressure medications.

Researchers have also found out that calcium, potassium, magnesium, and fiber will affect blood pressure by helping to lower it.

Fruits and vegetables are high in potassium, calcium, magnesium, and fiber and low in sodium. Also, nuts, seeds, legumes, lean meats, and poultry are good sources of magnesium and they are low in sodium.

Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure

Heart disease and stroke are the number one and two on the list of how people die in America with cancer at third and diabetes is slowly becoming number four as the most likely way to die.

Someone with high blood pressure, is more likely to develop these diseases. Therefore, it is important to try to lower high blood pressure with diet, exercise, stress reduction and supplements.

People with high blood pressure have exaggerated needs of the vitamins and minerals mentioned above, potassium, magnesium, calcium and these needs can only be met with supplements.

Potassium and High Blood Pressure

high blood pressure diet

Potassium is a mineral that helps get rid of excess sodium and so helps regulate blood pressure. Scientific studies have shown high potassium diets help lower blood pressure, one good source of this is apple cider vinegar, and Paul Bragg ACV is the best quality I have found.

Resveratrol Supplements Help Lower Blood Pressure

Resveratrol is a polyphenol that has been researched in over 2500 scientific papers and has shown to lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of cancer, slows the aging process, lowers cholesterol, ( it turns on sirtuin genes in the cells that overproduce cholesterol and turns down the production of cholesterol in the liver thus lowering cholesterol levels better than any drug and without side effects).

High Blood Pressure Diet is an Alkaline Diet

An Alkaline diet is the best overall diet it not only helps with blood pressure but with every other bodily function, the book

Alkalize or die by Theodore A.Baroody is one of the best books ever written for better health. An alkaline diet is one that is comprised of 80% alkaline foods and 20% acid this way cancer and all other disease cannot live in a alkaline rich blood stream.

Red Wine and High Blood Pressure

high blood pressure diet

Resveratrol supplements are the only way to get the benefits of resveratrol you need to slow the aging process and therefore prevent disease, the only way you can get the benefits of 100 glasses or red wine per day but without the hangover is resveratrol supplements.

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