How To Lower Blood Pressure With Resveratrol

Lower Blood Pressure With Supplements

How to lower blood pressure with natural food supplements and diet, I am writing this web page to help people solve a modern dilemma: How to eliminate a problem that affects about 30% on Northern American population; that's about 70 million people in the U.S. and Canada.

How Many People Have High Blood Pressure

In the U.S. about 75 million age 20 and older have high blood pressure.

High blood pressure killed over 56,000 in 2006. From 1996 to 2006 the death rate from high blood pressure increased 19.5 percent, and the actual number of deaths rose over 48 percent.

One in three adults have high blood pressure. Out of those people 77 percent don't know they have high blood pressure, because it goes without symptoms, until a trip to the doctors office reveals their high blood pressure.

Diet for High Blood Pressure is Preventive Medicine

About 35% of their children are sure to get high blood pressure if they don't follow the correct diet. For these children a diet for high blood pressure is not only therapeutic, it's preventive.

What causes high blood pressure in 90-95 percent isn't known, but how to lower blood pressure is easily controlled with exercise and proper diet.

Supplements for High Blood Pressure

Supplements for high blood pressure accomplishes two things, it's how to lower blood pressure naturally without drugs.

It makes up for the average American diet, and it can fill the needs of people with high blood pressure who don't want to depend on drugs. Someone who has high blood pressure has exaggerated needs for certain vitamins and minerals that you can't get from the average diet.

how to lower blood pressure

Omega-3 and High Blood Pressure

Omega-3 (fish oil) is very good to help combat high blood pressure, it makes the blood flow better, stops platelets from sticking together and relaxes the veins and blood vessels to help lower blood pressure, green tea also relaxes the blood vessels and actually expands them to help lower blood pressure.

Alcohol and Blood Pressure

how to lower blood pressure

While alcohol normally increases your blood pressure, the link between red wine and blood pressure has been proven to contain substances (resveratrol) that lowers the risk of heart diseases. As an additional bonus, red wine also contains substances that slows down the aging process.

Alcohol and Pregnant Women

Pregnant women shouldn't drink alcohol in any form. It can harm the baby seriously, including causing birth defects.

Over 50 Years of Reasearch About Resveratrol

For more than 50 years, many research papers have been published in science journals about how drinking alcohol may be associated with reduced mortality due to heart disease in certain areas.

Some researchers have suggested that the benefit may be due to the antioxidants mainly resveratrol in red wine, especially Muscadine Grape red wine.

Water and High Blood Pressure

If you suffer from hypertension, trying more traditional remedies such as relaxation, physical activity drink plenty of water(sometimes your high blood pressure is the body's cry for more water) and slow breathing, is a safer way of reducing your blood pressure. What Red wine and blood pressure have in common is red wines ability to lower blood pressure without side effects.

Resveratrol Supplements for High Blood Pressure

Resveratrol supplements are the safer way to get the amount of resveratrol that will delay the aging process. There are supplements on the market that are equal to drinking 100 glasses of red wine a day. You get all the benefits of resveratrol that's in 100 glasses of red wine but without the hangover.

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