Resveratrol and the Longevity Gene

We and other researchers have found that a family of genes, longevity gene(sirt1) involved in an organism's ability to withstand a stressful environment-such as excessive heat or scarcity of food or water-have the power to keep its natural defense and repair activities going strong, regardless of age.


What are Telomeres

Each person has a genetically-programmed lifespan that depends upon telomeres, or the ends of chromosomes that serve as protective caps for the main genetic material.

Biological aging is determined by how quickly the telomeres shorten each time the genetic material is copied during cell division - a process that parallels human aging.

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Certain molecules in our food can have significant health and longevity-enhancing effects that may turn out to surpass anything current medications can achieve

"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food"


Why We Age

The first reason we age is determined by the genes inherited from our parents.

The second is that life span and fitness in old age are determined by how much damage our bodies incur over our lifetime.

How to Live Longer

The damage done by a million hits on our DNA every day and failure to repair DNA damage promotes aging and is already known to cause cancer. Resveratrol can protect cells from damage and turn on SIRT1 the longevity gene. And help us to adopt a longevity lifestyle.

Scientific studies have demonstrated these and other health benefits of resveratrol in many experiential studies.

Cancer Protective




Cardio Protective

Reduces Obesity


Prevents Aging

Protects from Infection

Longevity gene activation

Can it Help Us Feel Better

The most recent work of Joseph Baur, David Sinclair, and others demonstrating that plant-based molecules mainly resveratrol, slow aging reduce the consequences of obesity, and enhance strength and endurance opens up incredible new opportunities in preventing aging and enhancing longevity.

Plant-based compounds seem to trick the body into a response like calorie restriction but without calorie restriction.

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The Secret of Longevity

A handful of genes that control the body's defenses during hard times can also dramatically improve health, prolong life and are the secrets of longevity in diverse organisms. Understanding how they work may reveal the keys to extending human life span while banishing diseases of old age.

By David A. Sinclair and Leonard Guarente

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