Mild Stroke Symptoms

Can We Prevent Strokes?

Mild Stroke Symptoms are hard to detect even someone who knows the symptoms, understanding this disease and what to do to prevent it from happening is the best medicine. Alternative methods such as natural supplements and stress reduction may be your best bet at preventing future occurrences.

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Resveratrol and Stroke Prevention

Increasing the blood flow to the brain with supplements like omega-3s, B-complex vitamins and the newest revolutionary supplement on the market Resveratrol is showing the best way to prevent stroke and even after a stroke to reverse the damage caused by a stroke. Joseph Maroon, M.D., Ph.D. states in his book

The Longevity Factor, In animals pretreated with resveratrol, paralysis from a stroke was prevented and the size of the brain injury was decreased.

He also concluded that resveratrol administered immediately after a traumatic brain injury decreased the amount of free-radical damage and also significantly reduced the area of tissue damage. He also found that resveratrol may be neuroprotective in the spinal cord following injury.

Resveratrol and Anti Aging

resveratrol and anti aging

Resveratrol is the number one anti aging supplement right now as it has shown in laboratory test to slow the aging process, better than drugs they are trying to come up with.

The Top Three Reasons for Death in the U.S.

Stroke is number three on the top reasons people knowing mild stroke symptoms can help with treatment and preventing a future stroke.

As the American diet and lifestyle are slowing declining stroke, heart disease, cancer and diabetes are sadly going to happen more often then they are now.

It's sad because these diseases are easily preventable with better diet and some exercise. Stroke is a disease that affects the blood flowing to the brain.

Even though if affects the brain, it can effect the entire body. There are up to 500,000 mild strokes a year in the U.S.. And over 700,000 major strokes a year according to the American Stroke Association.

Listed Below are Some Mini Stroke Warning Signs

Depending on the blood system and if it is a stroke on the right side or stroke left side of the brain affected, mild stroke symptoms can include:

1. Vision problems in one or both eyes, including double vision.

2. Dizziness, clumsiness and weakness.

3. Speech problems, including slurring.

4. Inability to walk, known as ataxia.

5. Sudden amnesia and/or loss of consciousness.

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