Resveratrol and Cancer Does it Kill Cancer Cells?

Where Does Resveratrol Come From?

Resveratrol and cancer, Resveratrol is found in many forms of the plant kingdom just some are listed below.

Red wine, muscadine grapes, cranberries, blueberries, peanuts and Japanese Knotwood—these foods contain resveratrol, a compound that research shows can kill cancer cells. Does this polyphenol, a plant chemical with antioxidant properties—have what it takes to effectively and safely fight cancer in humans?

What Rochester Researchers Found Out About Resveratrol and Cancer

According to Rochester researchers there experiments showed that a natural antioxidant found in grape skins a (polyphenol) in red wine can help destroy pancreatic cancer cells by reaching to the cell's core energy source, or mitochondria, and crippling its function. And the cancer cells are not able to build up any defenses against the compounds in resveratrol.

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Actual Picture of Immune System Killing a Cancer Cell

Every day our body makes cancer cells it is up to our immune system to kill them the picture on the right is an actual picture of our immune system attacking a cancer cell. What Causes Cancer

Does Resveratrol Really Kill Cancer Cells

The study also showed that when the pancreatic cancer cells were doubly assaulted -- pre-treated with the antioxidant, resveratrol, and irradiated -- the combination induced a type of cell death called apoptosis, an important goal of cancer therapy.

Cancer Cell Suicide

Scientists have found that resveratrol benefits are it fights cancer by causing cancerous cells to destroy themselves. This “cell suicide” occurs because resveratrol inhibits the activity of a protein called nuclear factor-kappa B

Actual killer cells attacking cancer cell

Can Resveratrol Kill Cancer Cells

Thus far, studies of resveratrol benefits are it's ability to fight cancer have taken place in test tubes and have involved its use primarily on animal and human cell lines. But many of the findings have been promising.

Resveratrol inhibits breast cancer cells, resulting in their death.

From a recent study done at the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Italy's University of Milan, Francesca Scarlatti.

Cancer in Breast

Resveratrol and Breast Cancer

Estrogen may be behind many cases of breast cancer, and one study has found that resveratrol can help with this type of cancer. In a University of Nebraska study, investigators found that resveratrol reduced the ability of estrogen to change into the compounds that interact with DNA in breast cells and trigger the development of cancerous breast cells. In this way, resveratrol may stop the initial step that occurs when estrogen begins the process that results in the development of breast cancer cells.

What Scientist Reported About Resveratrol and Cancer

In a March 2009 article in Experimental and Molecular Medicine, scientists reported that resveratrol was effective against the proliferation of human breast and pancreatic cells. A June 2008 a study noted that resveratrol inhibited the invasion and migration of breast cancer cells. This was an important finding because metastasis (the spread of cancer beyond its starting point) is a main cause of death from breast cancer.

Actual Prostate Cancer Cell

Resveratrol and Prostate Cancer

In the fight against prostate cancer, resveratrol and cancer research was impressive in a study published in June 2008 in Carcinogenesis. Investigators found that the polyphenol helped prohibit the growth and development of human prostate cancer cells. In an earlier study scientists had the same finding, and also reported that resveratrol promoted prostate cancer cell death.

Cancer Cell

Should We Take Resveratrol Supplements

In the fight against cancer the answer is yes we need every advantage to fight diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other causes of disease.

Resveratrol supplements have shown to help with these problems and in our world of fast food and the many chemicals we are exposed to every bit helps and resveratrol supplements are one of the best in the fight against cancer.

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