Resveratrol Benefits

Anti aging, anti disease, anti pain and more energy these are just some of Resveratrol benefits, it turns on the sirtuin genes inside the cells, these genes called Sirt1, Sirt2, Sirt3 and Sirt4 control cholesterol production and how long we will live. When we go on a calorie restricted diet, this diet turns on the longevity genes inside our cells and so helps us live longer, but this diet is so restrictive that it is like a starvation diet and most people feel it's not worth the extra years.

Resveratrol mimics the calorie restricted diet.

Resveratrol Turns On Longevity Genes!

Resveratrol benefits are it turns on the longevity genes helps us live longer without dieting, and that is not saying you can eat whatever you want and be healthy you still need to eat a low fat diet and exercise to get all the health benefits of resveratrol.

Resveratrol and Anti Aging

Testing resveratrols ability to lengthen life is to hard to do on people we just live to long, but test done on Yeast, roundworm, fruit fly, mice and fish is it extended life anywhere from 30 to 60 percent longer and the test done on mice was even more remarkable, they tested overweight old mice by giving them resveratrol in high dosages and the old overweight mice ran faster and longer that there younger fit mice.

Listed Below is Some of Resveratrol Benefits:

  • Helps turn on longevity genes.
  • Controls the overproduction of cholesterol thus lowering it.
  • Keeps platelets from sticking together.
  • Helps keep veins and arteries elastic.
  • Helps our cells absorb sugar thus helping with diabetes.
  • Helps with memory and brain function.
  • Helps prevent cancer

Causes of Aging

Why do we age? and what causes aging, aging begins at the cellular level:

  • DNA Damage
  • Every day, every cell in your body is bombarded by up to a million DNA-damaging assaults. These assaults can damage the cell’s genetic database, creating a “typo” that may compromise cell function and longevity.

  • Genetic Regulators
  • Genetic regulators contribute to age-related cellular deterioration by controlling the dynamic balance between damage and repair, including whether a cell will live or not.

  • Declining Cellular Energy Production
  • Mitochondria in our cells create energy we can’t live without. As mitochondrial efficiency decreases, cell function declines.

  • Accumulation of AGE Proteins
  • Excess accumulation of Advanced Glycation End products (AGE) can cause cellular damage that can compromise cell integrity and longevity.

Rejuvetrol is 10X More Effective Than Resveratrol Alone!

Resveratrol helps protect our cells in all but one of the above causes of aging the AGE proteins to help get rid of excess accumulation of Advanced Glycation End products scientist working for over 3 years came up with a patent-pending polyphenol blend called REJUVETROL.

And this unique polyphenol blend is 10X more effective than resveratrol alone in fact one serving is equal to 100 glasses of red wine, you get all the benefits of resveratrol without the hangover.

This Unique Blend of Polyphenols also supports the following health benefits:

  • Supports heart health and cardiovascular function.
  • Supports brain health.
  • Supports enhanced immunity function.
  • Supports joint function.
  • Promotes cellular longevity.
  • Increases cellular energy.
  • Promotes good health and well being.
  • Provides antioxidant support.

REJUVETROL is a Unique Polyphenol Blend

Resveratrol is a revolutionary new compound in the fight against disease and aging, it make sense to use all mother natures benefits that plants give us, the plants create the polyphenols and antioxidants we need and all we have to do is add them to our diet.

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