Resveratrol Dosage

How Much Is the Right Amount

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Resveratrol dosage. For people considering a Resveratrol supplement knowing how much to take can be confusing. David Sinclair the number one anti aging doctor in the United States, says you need one hundred of glasses per day to have any effect on the aging process. So he went back to his lab to try to make Resveratrol 10x more potent so it would be effective as a supplement.

Quality is the Most Important

Most supplements on the market today don't come close to providing the amount of Resveratrol and the quality needed to slow the aging process adequately, the leading Anti Aging scientist say 100 milligrams per day is enough to help slow aging.

How to Find the Best Quality Resveratrol Supplement

To help you find the best resveratrol supplement, read our resveratrol studies , where you can find a supplement that can help you win the battle against aging.

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Resveratrol Research

When it comes to Resveratrol, it is the most revolutionary product on the market today to actually slow the aging process like the calorie restriction diet does is nothing short of amazing. Resveratrol has been researched by scientist around the world. David Sinclair, Joseph Maroon, M.D.and many others, this makes Resveratrol a compound that has been researched in more than 2500 scientific publications.

Who Has the Right Supplement to Slow the Aging Process

muscadine grapes

There is one company in America that has made a Resveratrol supplement that has a polyphenol blend and using Muscadine Grapes , makes this supplement 10x more effective than Resveratrol alone and using a patent pending process makes it like drinking 100 glasses of red wine per day.

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