Vitamin C and Cholesterol

vitamin c and cholesterol

Vitamin C and cholesterol, does vitamin C lower cholesterol?

Vitamin C is an antioxidant and antioxidants do exactly what their name implies they prevent oxidation of cells, much the same way lemon juice squeezed on an apple slice prevents browning, vitamin C helps clear the blood vessels and aids in preventing heart attacks and strokes. it triggers the enzyme that breaks down cholesterol and triglycerides into free fatty acids.

This process reduces the risk of fatty deposits clinging to the walls of the arteries and obstructing blood flow to the heart and brain. The drugs on the market today claim to lower cholesterol but with many side effects, why would anyone want to use drugs when natural compounds like vitamin C, omega fish oil, vitamin E, fiber, exercise, plant sterols and stanols, resveratrol supplements and many other natural compounds that lower cholesterol naturally with no side effects.

Vitamin C Can Help Lower Serum Cholesterol

One study done with vitamin C patients with atherosclerosis averaged a 30 percent drop in serum cholesterol after taking 500 mg. of vitamin C three times a day for a month. This finding was presented at the International Congress of Nutrition.

Facts On Vitamin C

vitamin c and cholesterol

The human body is made of 100% organic substance to put synthetic compounds in it to heal it is the same as your car, which is 100% man made, if you try to help your cars engine performance by putting orange juice in the oil crank case or sugar in the gas tank, your car would run terrible.

If your health is not good you need to put only organic compounds in it to have optimal health, believing everything your doctor tells you about drugs is insane, the reason we are told to use drugs instead of natural compounds is there is no money in it for the big drug companies, if there was overnight you would hear on television that vitamins can help you have better health.

You need to take charge of your own health start using natural supplements to build your health back to where it was or to a level you have never experienced, live to a ripe old age and die of natural causes when you are 100 years old or older instead of dying of cancer, heart disease, stroke, at a much younger age.

Vitamin C Study

Researchers conducted a study where they fed a cholesterol rich diet to one group of guinea pigs without vitamin C foods.

And the other group they supplemented with vitamin C. When they tested the animals and measured the cholesterol accumulations in the brain, liver, stomach, and the main artery to the heart, they found that cholesterol deposits were 30 to 40 percent lower in the group that had received the vitamin C supplement. This is good evidence that using Vitamin C and cholesterol reduction is very positive.

Vitamin C Foods

Vitamin C helps with circulatory health. A study done in England and Wales where there normal diet contains very little vitamin C foods, (like fresh fruit and vegetables) the amount of deaths from heart attacks and strokes is much higher, than areas that have higher intake of these foods.

Benefits of Vitamin C

It makes sense to include more of these vitamin C rich foods in your diet and even use a supplement that has a sustained release formula, that keeps the vitamin C in your blood stream, since this vitamin is water soluble and is not stored in the body. Vitamin C and cholesterol, to lower cholesterol is just one nutrient to help lower cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health. Click here to check out the best quality sustained release vitamin C supplement.

Below is a partial list of cholesterol lowering nutrients:

  • Omega-3s(fish oil)
  • Resveratrol
  • B-complex vitamins
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Fiber
  • Plant sterols and stanols
  • Lecithin
  • Alfalfa and Soy protein

Natural Vitamin C for Better Health

Better health is not that hard to attain, it is easier than you think,in just one months time you can start building better health, just limit the amount of fast food, packaged and man made food and when you do eat out just switch to an chicken burger instead of a regular hamburger and supplement with natural vitamins for optimal health.

The relation of vitamin C and cholesterol, is no accident many years of research prove vitamin C and cholesterol reduction and helps prevent disease.

Resveratrol and Cholesterol

Resveratrol can help lower cholesterol also but it does it by turning on certain genes inside the cells that control the overproduction of cholesterol, even if you stopped eating cholesterol foods your liver could still make to much, because two thirds of cholesterol production is in the liver, so it is important to slow down the over production of cholesterol as it is to take supplements that lower cholesterol naturally.

Resveratrol is the number one nutrient that actually slows the aging process.

One of the newest cholesterol lowering compounds are plant sterols and stanols they block the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine, so excess cholesterol goes down the toilet where it belongs.

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