Ways to Lower Blood Pressure and Resveratrol

Nine simple ways to lower blood pressure and how supplements can help obtain desired results with helping to quickly lower blood pressure.

Drink Water to Lower Blood Pressure

ways to lower blood pressure

Drink more water is one of the easiest and fastest ways to lower blood pressure and adding apple cider vinegar helps to thin the blood and quickly lower blood pressure.

ways to lower blood pressure

Exercise to Lower Blood Pressure

Exercise will reduce blood pressure all by itself. That's because most Americans are inactive and their vascular system is unfit. When you exercise, your blood vessels become more flexible. And the more flexible your blood vessels are means that when your heart beats, the blood is not going into rigid veins and arteries but into an elastic and yielding system. The result is that lower pressure is required to get the blood where it's going.

It's like this if your garden hose is small and rigid the pressure of the water is greater than if water was flowing through a larger garden hose that is new and flexible.

How much should we exercise and what type about 20 to 25 minutes of aerobic exercise a day 5 times a week minimum and strength training with weights is very good to make blood vessels more flexible.

Yoga and Apple Cider Vinger Lowers Blood Pressure

ways to lower blood pressure

Do yoga or any activity that helps to relax you, stretching exercises, deep breathing is good to quickly lower blood pressure, but drinking water with apple cider vinegar is the best way to quickly lower blood pressure.

Alcohol Can Raise Blood Pressure

Drink only one cocktail for women and two for men otherwise alcohol can raise blood pressure and blood pressure that alcohol raises doesn't even respond to medication. Alcohol must be used sparingly.

ways to lower blood pressure

Stop Smoking

Smoking can raise blood pressure all by itself. There are two ways that is does this. One the toxic chemicals from the smoke makes the arteries more tense and it interferes with metabolism.

If you smoke and have high blood pressure you need to stop along with the other ways to lower blood pressure written here it takes a combination of things to get healthy there is no magic pill to take that will do it all.


Lose those unwanted pounds being overweight causes high blood pressure for two reasons.

Each excess pound of fat requires about five miles of small blood vessels called capillaries.

And it makes sense that the heart must work harder to push blood through these extra blood vessels. Pushing harder means higher blood pressure.

Being overweight increases blood pressure for a second, more complex reason.

Extra fat makes people produce more insulin. Insulin is necessary for the body to use blood sugar, glucose.

It helps glucose become absorbed in the cells of the body. Being overweight produces more insulin than you need because of the extra fat then other people who are not overweight. Insulin also has an effect on the kidneys and the kidneys raise the blood pressure when excess insulin is present.

That is why overweight people with high blood pressure should limit their use of sugar.

Salt Sensitivity

ways to lower blood pressure

To much salt is the reason most people have high blood pressure.

To much salt upsets a factor scientist call the K-factor.

The K-factor is the ratio of potassium to sodium in the diet.

In the past salt was very scarce. In Roman times soldiers were paid in salt rations, the same way gold miners were paid with gold dust. In fact the word salary is from "salt ration" In some parts of the world salt is still used as money.

All processed food like fast food and food in a box at the grocery store should be avoided entirely in hot dogs and macaroni with just one large hot dog and just one serving there is more sodium then what we need daily.


Fiber helps eliminate body wastes. It helps the body not re-absorption of wastes that get excreted into the intestine.

Most Americans only get about 13 grams a day that's less than half. We need to get about 30 to 50 grams a day in countries where people naturally get this much they don't have the health problems we do, if the body is suppose to have 30 or more grams a day it makes sense that we are going to have health issues if we don't get the right amount.

Fiber is one of the best ways to lower blood pressure a little all by itself it is a combination of factors that will help us keep our blood pressure down.

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Resveratrol and High Blood Pressure

ways to lower blood pressure

People with high blood pressure have exaggerated need for certain vitamins and minerals, they need more ways to lower blood pressure than the average person and these compounds that they need are impossible to get from the diet.

Resveratrol has been proven to help with high blood pressure and many of the diseases we take for granted as we age, Resveratrol has been scientifically proven to help slow the aging process, prevent cancer, diabetes, stroke and according to Joseph Maroon who wrote The Longevity Factor and how resveratrol can help you live a longer healthier life that even after a stroke heal the damage done to our brain cells.

Omega-3 is nature's teflon. These oils simply act simply act like teflon to make the arterial walls more slippery and the veins more flexible the heart doesn't have to pump as hard to move blood around, thus helping to lower blood pressure.

Calcium-Magnesium supplements are some of the other ways to lower blood pressure, mostly in people with low amounts of theses minerals.

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