What Causes High Blood Pressure and How Resveratrol Helps

What causes high blood pressure it's more than one thing that causes high blood pressure just like it takes more than one thing to help lower it to a safe level.

Fitness and High Blood Pressure

what causes high blood pressure

Fitness is a major factor in high blood pressure. Exercise will reduce blood pressure all by itself. That's because most people are not active enough to keep blood pressure down.

When you exercise your blood vessels develop more flexibility. And more flexible arteries and veins means when the heart beats, blood is going into arteries that are larger and more flexible resulting in lower blood pressure and resulting in good blood pressure numbers, 120/80 or lower is good 130/85 and above is pre-hypertension. what causes high blood pressure

Type A and High Blood Pressure

Sometimes high blood pressure is emotional, type A personalities are people who are more tense by nature and not relaxed, and live a life of internally generated stress.
One way to tell if you are type A is if you always want to finish other people's sentences. If you can't wait for the other person to finish talking, you must do it for them. If this is you, you should take steps to reduce this internal stress.

It's the Bad Fat That Cause Blood Pressure to Rise!

what causes high blood pressure

Just as some oils can help reduce blood pressure, the bad fat can increase blood pressure.

You should eliminate all the bad fats, saturated fat is the main one we are talking about. Processed meats should never be eaten, but this also implies to high fat meat like T-bone steak or other high fat cuts of beef.

Alcohol and High Blood Pressure

Too much alcohol causes high blood pressure in most people or makes it worse, one drink per day for women and two for men is the healthy limit. Alcohol related high blood pressure doesn't even yield to medication.

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

External stress is a factor in high blood pressure most of the time it is workplace generated and these days with the freeways becoming more congested driving can cause high blood pressure.

The good news is exercise and supplementing can help reduce blood pressure naturally.

Resveratrol Lowers High Blood Pressure

what causes high blood pressure

Resveratrol helps increase nitric-oxide and nitric-oxide relaxes blood veins and helps blood flow in the smaller arteries that's what Viagra does only it has bad side effects because of it being a drug.

Resveratrol Increases Blood Flow

Resveratrol also helps with circulation and keeping the blood platelets from clumping together and so helps lower blood pressure and lowering blood pressure is just one of the benefits of resveratrol.

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Garlic Lowers High Blood Pressure

Garlic is another natural blood pressure lowering compound, it helps to relax the veins and the muscles around the arteries and so lowers blood pressure.

Drink More Water and Relax

So to summarize what causes high blood pressure, is not just your genes you were born with but you can reduce high blood pressure with exercise, drinking more water, taking the right supplements and relaxation, try meditation or some other form of relaxation therapy.

Some of the foods and supplements that can quickly lower blood pressure are listed below:

  • Omega-3s(fish oil)
  • Fiber supplements
  • Calcium-Magnesium supplements
  • Vitamin E complex
  • Resveratrol supplements
  • Garlic supplements

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